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Welcome to Marvelicious Designs! These backgrounds are free to use on Personal Home Pages. If you are a commercial site, please email Marvelicious details to give you exclusive use of our graphics. These backgrounds or graphics may *not* be used with any other collections. Please DO NOT alter or change any of these graphics! Please give our site credit on the same page for the background or sets you choose to use! Please do *not* link to our server. Please see the note at the bottom of this page. The matching graphics on my main backgrounds page is for the exclusive use of Marvelicious and may not be used on any other websites. Under no circumstances do I give permission for the use of my graphics on any pornographic sites. It you have a pornographic site PLEASE DO NOT use my graphics.

Many of you have asked which computer software I use for my designs. Please visit Marvel's Computer Software & Storefront.

Angel Sets


Angel Set 1 Angel Set 2
Angel Set 3 Angel Set 4
Angel Set 5 Angel Set 6
Angel Set 7 Angel Set 8
Angel Set 9 Angel Set 10
Angel Set 11 Angel Set 12
Angel Set 13 Angel Set 14

Floral Sets


Red Rose Set 1 Red Rose Set 2
Cameo Bouquet White Roses
Peach Roses Red Bouquet
Aster Set Painted Rose
Victorian Garland Mums
Fall Bouquet  
Sparkling Pansies Hot Pink Flowers
Yellow Roses Yellow Rose Border

Victorian Sets


Victorian Hat 1 Victorian Hat 2
Rose Basket Dove and Roses
Lady In Red Pink Lady
Lady & Kitten Golden Lady
Southern Lady Elegant Lady
Lace & Pearls Victorian Fan
Victorian High Boot Lady Peaches
Welcome to My Parlor  

Wedding Sets


Bridal Set 1 Bridal Set 2
Bridal Set 3 Lace Set

Sets For Pets


Cat Set 1 Dog Set 1
Cat Set 4 Cat Set 5

Children Sets


Children Set 1 The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
Mr. & Mrs. Geese Yellow Horsey
School Daze  

Denim Sets


Pink Boot & Denim Denim & Pink
Dazzle Denim  

Music Sets


Piano Set Guitar Set
Music Set  

Jewel Sets


Purple Set Blue Set
Black Set Emerald Set
Ruby Set Yellow Set
Ultra Fractual Multi Pearls & Lace

Kitchen Sets


Fruit Bowl Pink Strawberries

Holiday Sets


Valentine Sets

Valentine Set 1
Valentine Set 2
Valentine Set 3
Valentine Set 4


St. Patrick Sets

St. Patrick's Set 1
St. Patrick's Set 2
St. Patrick's Set 3
St. Patrick's Set 4
St. Patrick's Set 5

Easter Sets

Easter Eggs
Easter Bunnies
Easter Basket
Easter Bunny

Mother's Day Sets

Mother & Child Set 1
Mother & Child Set 2

Father's Day Sets

Father & Children
Fishermen 1
Fishermen 2

Patriotic Sets

Boy & Girl Set 1
Flag & Liberty Bell
Hot Air Balloon
Boy & Girl Set 2
Girl Set
Bows & Flowers
Patriotic WTC 1
Patriotic WTC 2


Witch Set 1
Witch Set 2
Halloween Lady


Pilgrim Set
White Turkey
Turkey Set 1
Turkey Set 2
Turkey Set 3


Victorian Set
Christmas Tree
Christmas Bells
Christmas Choir
Christmas Angel
Merry Little Christmas
Holly Jolly Christmas

More Christmas

Christmas Santa
Little Girl
Jewels & Holly

New Years Sets

New Year Angel
New Year Girl 1
New Year Girl 2


Single Individual Backgrounds


Angels Page 1
Angels Page 2
Angels Full Backs
Victorian Hats
Victorian Page 1
Victorian Page 2
Victorian Page 3
Victorian Full Backs
Lace Borders
Floral Borders 1
Floral Borders 2
Floral Borders 3
Floral Borders 4
Floral Borders 5
Floral Borders 6
English Rose Borders
Rose Borders 1
English Rose Full Backs
Blue Danube

Children's Borders 1
Children's Full Backs
Scenic Borders
Water Art
Wedding Borders
Borders Me Lady?
Antique Cars
Plaid Tiles
Misc. Full Backs 1

Single Holiday Backgrounds


Mardi Gras
Valentine 1
Valentine 2
Valentine 3
Valentine Full Backs
St. Patrick
Easter 1
Easter 2
Easter 3
Easter Full Backs
Father's Day
Mother's Day
Independence Day
Halloween 1
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Thanksgiving 1
Thanksgiving 2
Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4
Christmas 5
Christmas 6
Christmas Full Backs
Christmas Angels 1
Christmas Angels 2
Christmas Me Lady?
New Year

Background Listings

Marvelicious Private Collection For Purchase only
Marvel's Software & Storefront Graphics programs I use.
Tips Page lists how to place your bordered backgrounds.
Web Design Basics
Graphics Links
Fonts Page Lists downloadable fonts.

We'd love to know who is using our backgrounds. Please email Marvelicious to let us know you are using our borders or backgrounds so that we can view your site!

If you are interested in purchasing the exclusive rights to any of these sets or backgrounds, please see Marvelicious Creations for details. Sets can not be broken up for purchase separately.

You may credit my graphic sets with the appropriate matching logo offered with these sets.

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